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Trying Solid Brush Cleanser

Hello everybody!

Cleaning my makeup brushes is something that I procrastinate for way too long, but that is something that I want to change. I’ve been looking for ways to make brush cleaning less tedious, and I decided to try out a solid brush cleanser.

The cleanser I picked up is Quo’s Solid Brush Cleanser and it is a gentle goat-milk cleansing balm. I purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart for less than $10 CAD. I’ve never tried a solid brush cleanser before, only shampoos, gels, foams, etc. but I really like this solid format.

It comes in a little black plastic pot, and the cleanser itself resembles solid soap. I like that it has a screw on lid; it makes it great for traveling. The smell is also a plus for me because I do enjoy the smell of goat-milk products; it smells very fresh.


The instructions called for dampening the brush and swirling it in the container until clean. I thought that this would waste quite a bit of product, so I swirled my brushes only enough to pick up the product, and then I swirled them and massaged them in my hand. For my dirtier brushes, I had to rinse and repeat. However, I had quite a few brushes to clean and eventually the palm of my hand got irritated. In the future, I’d like to get one of those brush cleaning tools with the ridges so I don’t have to use my hand!

I found that the product massaged easily into the bristles of my brushes, and it left them looking very clean! I did not have any bristle fallout while cleaning or in the days after. However, the goat-milk scent remains in the bristles, so if you do not like that smell I do not recommend purchasing this. Here are before and after pictures of my brushes:

Before: Smashbox dual ended eyeshadow brush
After: Smashbox dual ended eyeshadow brush
Before: Sephora travel kit
After: Sephora travel kit
Before: Sephora contour set
After: Sephora contour set
Clean brushes!

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this solid cleanser. I really like the format and how compact and portable it is. It won’t leak or leave a mess anywhere because of how it is contained. It does its job; my brushes are definitely clean! I would recommend a solid brush cleanser to anyone who hasn’t tried it; however, if you are scent-sensitive or just don’t like fragrances, make sure you pick up a scent-free option.

How do you clean your brushes? Let me know in the comments. See you soon!



14 thoughts on “Trying Solid Brush Cleanser

  1. I use the Japonesque solid brush cleanser which is a gentle goat milk cleansing balm as well(got it from my IPSY bag) and I am so IN LOVE with the smell. I do use my beauty blender liquid cleanser first for a deep clean then just swirl it in the balm for about a second just to get the smell onto my brushes. It’s a lot of steps but it has been a little easier since I got a Sigma cleaning mat.

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    1. I love the goat milk scent! 🙂 That’s a good idea using a liquid cleanser first, I should give that a go next time. I’ve heard about the Sigma cleaning mat and ones by other companies; I think I’m definitely going to purchase one soon. x


      1. I’ve seen it done a few times from YouTubers. Any generic baby shampoo does the trick. Since it’s a gentle soap it’ perfect for brushes and gets everything off while leaving your brushes soft. Might I add also super inexpensive way to wash brushes. I do want to try a solid cleanser though!

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  2. I have tried the sephora brand which they say is a dupe for the beauty blender solid and I love it! I got a cleansing pad with ridges at marshalls for $5 and I don’t regret it, makes the process easier and a lot faster! Great review, I going to look into this one when i run out!

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